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Daisy Information   

Daisy Details

During the course of the year, we will be involved in activities with emphasis on the Girl Scout program goals which will enable each child to:

  1. Develop to their full potential.

  2. Relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect.

  3. Develop a meaningful set of values to guide their actions and to provide for sound decision-making.

  4. Contribute to the improvement of society.

The Promise Center and Learning Petals

As part of the Daisy program, the girls will earn the Promise Circle and Learning Petals.  Each petal represents a part of the Girl Scout Law, and the center of the Daisy represents the Girl Scout Promise.

Each Daisy plays an important part in the decisions that are made that effect how the troop operates.  We will share ideas, listen to others, and decide what to do as a group.


Troop Details


Our regular troop meetings will be twice per month, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, from 2 PM - 3 PM.  We will meet at Sylvia's house, and we will provide a snack and drink for the girls.  Please let us know if there are any allergies that we need to be aware of.  There will not be any meetings on days when school in closed.  Check our calendar for a list of our meeting dates.


We recommend that each girl have a blue Daisy Girl Scout Tunic, and wear it to each troop meeting and special event.  Other Daisy clothing items may be worn but are not required for our troop.  The Tunic is available for purchase locally at the Leesburg Hobbies & Collectibles shop at 9 West Market Street (next to Tally Ho Theatre).  It is also available from the Girl Scout Catalog and online at the Girl Scout shop.  The cost is $11.50 for size S/M (6-7), and $12 for size L/XL (8-10).  You can save 6% on the cost at the Hobby shop in Leesburg by adding your name to their database.


We have established dues of $40 for each Daisy to support the troop this year.  This will cover the costs of the Girl Scout petals, patches, tab, pins, special events, supplies and snacks for the year.  A budget break-down is provided at the Parents Meeting.  Please make checks payable to "Troop 4738".


Please check the accordion file for your daughter's name at the end of each meeting.  We will place any new information for the troop and details for upcoming events in these folders.

Troop List

For privacy purposes, we will not post the troop contact list on this site.  If you need a copy of the troop list, contact us and we'll email it to you.

Fund Raising

Daisy Girls Scouts are not allowed to participate in fund-raising activities, so we will not be involved in Girl Scout cookie, calendar, or magazine sales.  All funds needed for our regular activities are to be covered by our dues.


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